Contents No.2, vol.54, 2012


Clinical and psychological features of normal-weight women with subthreshold anorexia nervosa: a pilot case-control observational study

Anna Tagliabue, Cinzia Ferraris, Valentina Martinelli, Giovanna Pinelli, Ilaria Repossi, Claudia Trentani


Development of the “Playing-in-Touch” (PiT) questionnaire: a measure of musical intouchness in people with low-functioning autism

Pierluigi Politi, Enzo Emanuele, Mario Grassi, The Invisible Orchestra Project

Polymorphisms of apolipoprotein E gene and cognitive functions of postmenopausal women, measured by battery of computer tests – Central Nervous System Vital Signs

Iwona Bojar, Angelina Wójcik-Fatla, Alfred Owoc, Andrzej Lewiński

Clinical and cognitive correlates of formal thought disorder in early onset schizophrenia

Barbara Remberk, Irena Namysłowska, Filip Rybakowski

Frequency of some psychosomatic symptoms in informal caregivers of Alzheimer´s disease individuals. Prague´s experience

Martina Zvěřová


International C.I.A.N.S. Conference 2012
International Lifestyle Symposium