Contents No.4, vol.65, 2023


Professional stress risk factors evaluation
among moroccan health staff

Hassan Chtibi, Khaoula Mammad,
Meriem Chkirate, Ahmed Ahami

Prevalence and determinants of perceived stress in moroccan
nursing students – A cross-sectional study

Driss Touil, Meriem Ouadrhiri, Rachida Archou,
Mounia Amazian, Mustapha Boucetta,
Abdelkhalek Housni, Kamelia Amazian

The influence of inner speech suppression
on the insight problem solving

Filip Jendrol, Marián Špajdel


A comprehensive cognitive behavioral intervention
in a 12-year-old girl with Tourette Syndrome Plus: A case report

Eleonora F. Orena, Margherita Baruffi