Contents No.2, vol.65, 2023


Detecting anxious symptoms related to Parkinson’s disease
in animal models: A review

Amir Modarresi Chahardehi, Yasaman Hosseini,
Seyed Mohammad Mahdavi, Iman Naseh


Effect of Cornelian cherries on brain no synthase activity
in obese Zucker rats

Olga Pechanova, Ezgi Saman, Martina Cebova

Pregnant Women in Relation to Hair Cortisol, Stress, Pregnancy-
Related Anxiety and Fear of COVID-19

Petra Solarikova, Alexandra Cizmarova

Study of the Attentional Process and Spatial hemineglect and their Impact
on Motor Performance in Moroccan Adolescents in school

Jaouad Rouane, Taher Moussa Ahmadou, Abdelmajid Ouaddou,
Ahmed Omar Touhami Ahami

Comparing classical nad bayesian GLM in the fMRI data for
testing visual stimulation and face perception

Farzaneh Amanpour, Seyyed Mohammad Tabatabaei,
Hamid Alavi Majd